TARGIT-Boost is an international randomized clinical trial designed to test the hypothesis that the tumor bed boost delivered as a single dose of targeted radiotherapy is superior to the conventional course of external beam radiotherapy boost (EBRT-Boost), especially in women with high risk of local recurrence.   

Eligibility Criteria:

Study Status: Recruitment Ongoing 

At least one of these criteria must be satisfied:

  1.  Less than 46 years of age 
  2.  More than 45 years of age and with one or more of the following poor prognostic  factors: (Grade 3 histology, ER and/or PgR negative, lobular carcinoma, extensive  intraductal component (EIC), lymphovascular invasion, axillary nodal involvement,  more than one tumor in the breast but still suitable for breast conserving surgery  through a single specimen, any factor or a combination of factors that puts the patient  at higher risk of lower recurrence as per the current local guidelines: e.g., those who  need a tumor bed boost or those not suitable for TARGIT-Alone as standard  treatment.)
  3.  Those patients with large tumors which have responded to neo-adjuvant  chemotherapy or hormone therapy that is given in an attempt to shrink the tumor, and  is now suitable for breast conserving surgery as a result. 

  • All patients should be available for regular follow-up for at least 10 years.

Sponsors and Collaborators

University College, London

National Institute for Health Research, United Kingdom 

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For more information on the TARGIT-B Trial or to enroll please contact the study coordinator.

Study Contact

Allison Zimmerman

Research Coordinator

Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Telephone: 818-539-1985 Fax: 818-539-1985